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Fallout from the Comedy Rumble

So last night I did Darrin Rows' Comedy Royal Rumble 2 at the Living Well in Toronto. I didn't win but it was an interesting thing in which to participate.
The format works like this:
Ten comics draw numbers to see who will be the first four on stage.
The first four take turns telling jokes one at a time and the host, using audience response as the criteria, kicks off the least popular comic and brings on a new one to replace them. This keeps going until there are no more replacements and the audience has whittled the comics down to one winner.
Very challenging format since no one comic has enough time with the mic to build up any rhythm or head of steam with the crowd, In a normal show, if a joke doesn't do well, you can come back from that with a piece of gold and win the crowd back. With this format, unless all the comics have duds at the same time, a bombed joke kicks you off the stage.

I was booted from the stage with joke number five. I think the joke still has potential to be funny as it got good laughs during the set up, but the punch line fell flat. So here's the joke (I've indicated where the audience laughed)

"Celebrity fragrances are a big deal these days. Even David Beckham has a fragrance... because every man should smell like a sweaty soccer hooligan (LAUGHS). I think we ought to just pass a law that EVERY celebrity has to have a fragrance. I mean who wouldn't buy O.J.'s "Acquittal" (LAUGHS) or Ben Affleck's "Coattails"? (VERY FEW LAUGHS)"

When I told my wife about the joke I had to explain why I thought coattails would be the name of Affleck's cologne. If you have to explain a joke, clearly it isn't funny. So the question is, what's a better punch line? (I wanted to use "Paris Hilton's Shame, but I did some research and that useless bitch already has a perfume on the market.)
Should I list three fake celebrity perfumes, since three is the magical number of comedy?
The OJ line got laughs, but when I was writing I figured that it shouldn't be the punch line since it's a pretty out of date reference.

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